If Voting an Absentee Ballot

If you decide to vote by absentee ballot, you will use a number 2 pencil, and fill out your ballot by filling in the ovals.  Mark the ovals with pressure, so that the mark appears clearly, fill in the ovals completely, and stay within the borders of the ovals.  When you get to the 8th Congressional District race, after the candidates listed on the ballot, there will be an oval that you can mark to cast a Write-in vote.  Write in Deborah Vollmer, clearly, darkly, and legibly with your pencil.  Your vote will be counted, as long as you follow these steps.  (A write-in vote with the name misspelled will still be counted, if the name is recognizable.  But to be absolutely sure that your vote will be counted, take the time to spell it correctly.)

You can cast an absentee ballot with a write-in vote for Deborah, in one stop, if you are willing to make the trip to the central County Election Board office, which in Montgomery County, is on Twinbrook Parkway in Rockville).  This is a one-stop way of voting, that enables you to pick up and fill out your application to vote absentee, vote your ballot, and hand it in right there.  (This avoids any problems that one might have with delays with the mail.)

If Voting at Your Polling Place on Election Day

If you are voting on Election Day, November 4, you will be voting at your polling place, on the touchscreen voting machines.  When you go to vote, check to make sure that there is a list posted of official write-in candidates.  You shouldn’t have to look for it, or ask about it—it should be visible.  But it is important that this information be posted at the polling places, as it is supposed to be.  There should also be posted, or available to be given to you, instructions on how to cast a write-in vote.  Make sure that these instructions are there, for any voters who may want to vote for me, or for any other write-in for that matter.

If you vote on Election Day at your polling place on the machines, you will be writing in my name by touching the letters on the image of a keyboard on your touchscreen.  Be sure to follow the written instructions, and the instructions that you will see on your touchscreen.  I have been assured by election officials that if my name is misspelled, it will still be counted, and that the order of first and last name (e.g., Deborah Vollmer, or Vollmer Deborah) does not matter, that both would be counted, and that it doesn’t matter whether or not you include my middle initial.

If you review these instructions, and those of the Election Board before casting your Write-In vote, you shouldn’t have any problems.  You should feel free to contact County election officials, if you have any questions about the procedure for casting a Write-in Vote.

Don’t forget to vote—and don’t forget to remind all your friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers to do the same!

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